Aida, Arena di Verona 2018


“Maria José Siri is an ideal Aida, her voice is big, radiant and at the same time pliable, and employed at the service of a most musical interpretation.”
Fono Forum

“Better yet if on stage there are artists who for their skills and professionalism need no introduction. This happened for the fifth performance of Aida at the Arena of Verona: on stage appeared an awesome Maria José Siri, as the Ethiopian slave of Amneris, magnificently sung by a just as great Violeta Urmana, and alongside them Marco Berti, Romano Dal Zovo and Sebastian Catana.
But, as already mentioned, the highlights of the evening were the two female protagonists, Amneris and Aida, interpreted by Violeta Urmana and Maria José Siri, respectively.
Flawless was Maria José Siri as Aida; perfect breath control, always covered sounds, she passed from the low to the high register with a disarming facility, without ever losing her vocal body and intentions. Her Aida was passioned and at the same time fragile, and very beautiful were both her arias and duets with her stage partners. A roaring lioness who knows what she is doing.”
Salvatore Margarone, 

Maria José Siri knows the role of Aida like the back of her hand, which is evident in the musical self-assuredness and variety of accents. She perfectly outlines Aida's mood changes with great energy and musicianship. As an actress she is always praise-worthy, involved and showing a remarkable dramatic reactivity.”
Francesco Lodola, Ieri Oggi Domani Opera

“Maria José Siri this year returns as Aida; on July 19 three years ago she celebrated the by now surpassed mark of 100 performances of Aida, a character into which she invests all of herself as if it were her first time, albeit with renewed commitment and professionalism, gifted with a homogenous and efficaciously managed voice.”
Maria Teresa Giovagnoli, MTG Lirica

“As for the singers, what generated most interest was the Aida of Maria José Siri, a regular presence in Arena, who delineated an authoritative Aida, with a dark voice that leaves no space to many lyric élans but with an excellent high register.”
Federica Fanizza,

“The performance of Aida was unfortunately marred by Maria Siri's indisposition, forcing her to leave the performance which was continued by Rebeka Lokar.
The soprano had indeed been giving a good performance in the first two acts, taking advantage of the characteristics of her peculiar voice in an always accurate and quite theatrical interpretation, as incisive as scarcely prone to remain in the shadow in this classic triangle when love and power often trade the witness.”
Silvia Campana, Operaclick

“Maria José Siri is the shiniest star of the evening. With a clean ligne du chant and a pleasant top, the soprano gives life to a sweet but determined Aida, completely at ease on stage.”
Matteo Pozzato, Le Salon Musical