Attila, Festival Verdi 2018


“Maria Josè Siri (Odabella) has a ringing and combative voice (…) and deserves all the enthusiasm of the  audience at curtain calls.”
Lucia Brighenti, La gazzetta di Parma

“next to him, the involved Odabella of Maria José Siri...”
Alessandro Rigolli, Il giornale della musica

“Maria José Siri tackles with self-assuredness, voume, full color and well articulated phrasing the impervious jumps of her challenging entrance aria “Santo di patria where she must face an orchestra that plaus forte and with fast tempos. Later she finds soft and intimate lyrica accents in “Oh, nel fuggente nuvolo” where, all alone, recalls her father and her beloved.”
Patrizia Monteverdi, Operaclick

“Attila's energetic side-kick is Maria José Siri: in her agile Odabella one finds a wide range of colors, and those expressive chiaroscuros which alternate fits of pride  - as in the towering entrance on two octaves of “Santo di patria” - to the languid melodic turns of “Liberamente or piangi”.”
Gilberto Mion,

“ (…) Maria José Siri, a correct Odabella, gifted with a rich and considerably volumimous timbre (...)”
Alessandro Rigoni, GBOpera

“Also Maria José Siri is not new to the role of Odabella, and tackles it with élan (…), giving with a firm voice in volume and range a performance greeted with very warm applause.”
Roberta Pedrotti, L'ape musicale

“Odabella was Maria José Siri: (…) but she owns the agility for this type of vocality, (…) creating a strong character full of personality”.
Federica Fanizza,

"María José Siri has given everything as Odabella. She is a woman of character and this role fits her like a glove. Starting from her first intervention in the patriotic "Allor che i forti corrono" she gave it all  vocally and as an actress. (...) the rest was great, nuanced with quality and sealing an outstanding performance (...). Brava. "
Javier del Olivo, Platea Magazine

“The Odabella of Maria José Siri has a secure top and displays a full-bodies voice in the middle register as well. In her Act II romanza Liberamente or piangi..Oh! Nel fuggente nuvolo Siri's timbre reveals a most beautiful, almost mezzoish color. Her acting was also convicing.”
Roberto Cighetti, The.Blogartpost