Manon Lescaut, Teatro alla Scala 2019


"María José Siri’s luminous Manon, in contrast, was engrossingly characterised. The soprano’s collaboration with Chailly, by now a regular fixture, is ripening nicely."
James Imam, Financial Times 

“Applauded was also Maria José Siri, a voluptuous, passionate and volubile Manon…”

"Heartfelt applause, even a “bravo maestro!” at curtain calls for the musical team. Above all for Riccardo Chailly and the protagonist, María José Siri, but also for tenor Marcelo Álvarez, Massimo Cavalletti, Carlo Lepore, Marco Ciaponi and Alessandra Visentin."
Angelo Foletto, La Repubblica

“…but their (ed.) performance is most solid, their expressive accents are intense but well measured compared to the several registers of the action: now light, now melancholic, now tragic.”
Enrico Girardi, Il corriere della sera

"The cast was a good one, Maria José Siri in the title displayed the right emotional involvement and vocal mastery.”
Stefano Jacini, Il giornale della musica

Maria José Siri, (…) shines for her beautiful, homogenous, clear and luminous timbre, which helps hergiving a lily-white and in some ways more seductive portrait of Manon. The interpret pays extreme attention to the musical requirements and is strongly participating on the emotional front.”
Fabio Larovere, Connessi all’Opera