Tosca, Teatro Verdi Salerno 2019


“As for the singers, Maria Josè Siri displayed her dramatic skills as Tosca when her voice grew heart-breaking as the character became more and more desperate. Her timbre was beautiful, expressive and clear, with well-calibrated low notes and a confident and refined emission. Her "Vissi d'arte" was sung with true sentiment: the drama and the passion with which the soprano rendered it were rewarded by the public with a request for an encore.

Lorenzo Fiorito, The Opera Critic / Musica

“The cast starred Maria José Siri in the title role. The Uruguayan soprano is increasingly appreciated as a Puccini specialist; and she deserves this credit thanks to her professionalism and technique. (…) Her line du chant is correct, her voice production and projection excellent. Her timbre is naturally pleasant, wide, her high notes are precise and focused (the “lama” in Act III is very shiny and secure, with the high held with a long rest) (…) Vissi d’rte is sung with grieving involvement and the right dismay; the B flat of “Signor” is long-held, precise and sonorous and the applause made her encore the aria.”

Luigi Raso, L'ape musicale