Il trittico - Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 2019


“Maria Josè Siri was a fantastic, resolute and convincing Giorgetta in Il tabarro (…)“
Elisabetta Torselli, Il giornale della musica

“(…) Maria José Siri, as usual a soprano with excellent vocal qualities for roundness, range, nuances, and with an admirable sensitivity as an interpreter, able to tone down some asperities of the character of Giorgetta while favoring a strongly feminine deeply regretful portrait, as well as to give Angelica, in addition to sweetness, a profound dignity and temperament.“
Davide Annachini, L’Opera
“Under the direction of Denis Krief, the first two pieces were also united by Maria José Siri, who sang Giorgetta, the stifled young bargewife in Il Tabarro, before wimpling up for the eponymous lead in Suor Angelica. Coquettish in the former, heartbreaking in the latter, warmth ran through her stage presence and a voice for which no pitch or volume ever seemed an effort.“
Harry Cochrane, The Florentine

“Maria José Siri owns the stage as Giorgetta, skillfully conveying her character's sense of guilt for cheating on her husband and her being unable to give up her love for Luigi. The Uruguayan soprano is characterized by an interesting, well projected timbre (…). Maria José Siri hits the stage once more in the leading role, more than satisfactorily bending her timbre to a rather difficult role, Suor Angelica (…).“
Irene Colantoni, Teatri Online

“Gifted with an important and polished singing as well as a comunicative and genuine vocal and interpretative delivery, Maria José Siri dominated the show as Giorgetta and Suor Angelica.“
Francesco Lora, L'Ape Musicale

“Maria José Siri wins the difficult challenge presented by Giorgetta and Angelica and not only thanks to her vocal reliability which she displays making it unscathed to the end of the second opera with enviable security (including the thorny high Cs to be sung in full voice), but also thanks to an interpretatively convincing choice for both characters, whose personalities are conveyed through a refined phrasing and restrained accents, in line with the conducting.“
Fabrizio Moschini, Opera Click

“Maria José Siri successfully tackles the two demanding roles of Giorgetta and Suor Angelica (…).“
Valentina Tortolini, Il reporter

“Finally, the two heroines are entrusted to Uruguayan soprano Maria José Siri: a touching Angelica of a good level, it's first and foremost as Giorgetta that she shines with great qualities, with a skillfully employed instrument (…).“
Katy Oberlé, Anaclase

“(…) Maria José Siri, Angelo Villari and Franco Vassallo measured up (...). 
The time-concentrated music makes the tragedy of the mother who had been separated by force from her son and is now learning about his death particularly
touching. Here Maria José Siri lavishes the part of Suor Angelica with lacerating accents masterfully expressing her grief. "Senza mamma, tu sei morto".
N.N., Otto Toeni

“In the cast Maria José Siri (a very frequent interpreter of Puccini's operas) was Giorgietta and Suor Angelica's protagonist…
She is a singer who believes in what she does and is technically very proficient at it. Looking at her is a pleasure in terms of identification and adequate solutions (…).“
N.N., Matavitatau