Nabucco, Teatro del Maggio Musicale, October 2020


“Next to his proud and grieving, and in any case impressive Nabucco, Maria José’s debut as Abigaille was remarkable thanks to her control of the impervious tessitura and her ability to convey a character more nuanced and complex than usual.”

La Nazione

“Carignani’s conducting work was also evident in his accompanying the singing, which, though starring a major league cast, guaranteed a fundamental support (…), especially in the case of such a challenging debut as Maria José Siri’s as Abigaille. The Uruguayan soprano, in a nerve wrecking role, proved she is able to adapt her lirico-spinto instrument to demands of a drammatico d’agilità without resorting to compromises, as well as to make the best use of incisive phrasing and intimate abandonments. ... it is imperative to acknowledge this debut as a further confirmation of her excellent professional level, which made her the finest performer of the whole evening.”

“The rest of the cast, conducted with vibrancy by Paolo Carignani, was first-class: Fabio Sartori, Caterina Piva and Maria José Siri, who manages to find some traces of humanity in the cruel Abigaille.”
La Repubblica

“Maria José Siri was perfect at her debut as Abigaille (and she is expected to make more debuts)
“and the all-around admirable (performance) of Maria José Siri, at her debut as Abigaille, who did not miss a single note of this very arduous part and already seems interpretatively so mature as to hint at upcoming interesting developments in the early Verdi repertoire.”
Toscana Eventi News

“The impervious role of Abigaille was entrusted to Maria José Siri, who had been already heard in Florence in Puccini’s Il tabarro and Suor Angelica, and who was at her debut in this part. The Uruguayan soprano faced her warriorlike and almost masculine character with gusto, managing at the same time to highlight the most intimate moments of the score.”
Il Reporter

“Maria José Siri, who is returning to sing in Florence, was able as usual to subdue her own instrument to more complex roles, such as Abigaille in Nabucco, for which she blends a versatile and well measured vocality with the fragile force of this character”

"Another interesting element in a performance of such general high level is Maria José Siri’s positive debut as Abigaille....her vocal projection and technical preparation make her very audible all throughout the performance, including in the ensembles. She came to Florence very well prepared and in complete control of the part; what’s remarkable about her is the basic absence of effort in the most arduous passages, her intelligent refusal to open the sound in the low register..., and the taste with which she impersonates an Abigaille more as a woman torn by passions and ambitions than a warrior like harridan. The opera’s finale “Su me, morente esanime” is perhaps the most thrilling moment of her performance , together with the aria “Anch’io dischiuso un giorno”.