Adriana Lecouvreur, Maggio Musicale, May 2021


 “…the cast, where Maria José’s Siri Adriana stood out; she is a soprano with a very sturdy vocality and technique, employed on behalf of an undeniable personality, able to include the lyrical as well as the dramatic side with the same credibility. Without trying to bring up unique interpreters of the past, Siri’s Adriana was intense and passionate, as well as supported by a constantly round, vibrant, nuanced singing, free from excessive self-indulgence (…) but as a whole her Adriana was a full-fledged protagonist, rightly feted by the audience.” 
Davide Annachini, L’Opera 

“The performances of the cast were masterly, to say the least. I would have never expected Maria José Siri to be so inspired and accurate. Her docility was equal to the quality of the way she expressed her singing: always in character, always with Harding.” 
Davide Toschi, Musica 

 “Hats off to Maria José Siri. She sings well, at times extraordinarily well: for example, the attack of “Poveri fiori” was textbook.” 
Alberto Mattioli, La Stampa 

“The role of Adriana calls for a full lyric vocality, great dynamic variety, stage charisma and temperament. Maria José Siri is in a wonderful vocal shape. Her voice has acquired greater intuition ability over the years while retaining firmness and color. More efficient perhaps in the moments of greater expansion, she is nevertheless able to create intimate and poignant accents particularly in the fourth act, at the end of which she was bestowed with a sincere ovation by the audience (…) She exuded warmth, has perfect control of her instrument, performed a third act monolog praiseworthy and restrained as it is rarely given to hear, but above all she offered an excellent last act. Kudos to Maria José Siri who obtained great success as well my admiration.” 
Silvano Capecchi, Operaclick

María José Siri, after her debut in the role in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, proved to be a interpreter of the highest order" 
“María José Siri, after making her debut in the role a little over a month ago in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, proved to be an interpreter of the highest order, and not only for her lush vocality but also for an emission that ideally recalls Tebaldi’s full and resounding sound, even with a perhaps lighter and less matronal color, thanks to the ease in the dosage of the fiato and the mezze voci and the achievement of piani and pianissimi of seductive beauty, in a conception of the character that provides its own personality, thus avoiding any comparison with the gigantic figures that in a more or less recent past have donned the garb of the unfortunate protagonist. " 
Andrea Merli,Opera Áctual 

 "I already largely wrote about Maria José Siri's technical skills and sturdy vocal characteristics one month ago as she was making her role debut at Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. On that occasion I anticipated that, in addition to her felicitous triumph, the maturation margin would reserve us great satisfaction; I can now confirm that with these Florence performances. Siri proves to be an artist of complete reference for this role.  And not only for the luxuriant vocality that reminds of the full and round sound of Tebaldi, perhaps with a lighter and less matronal sound, but also in offering piano and pianissimo sounds of seductive beauty, above all for a vision of the character who presents the audience a precise personality, avoiding any possible comparison with the gigantic figures who in a more or less recent past donned the garb of the unfortunate Lecouvreur. This seems to me a note of great interpretative intelligence. Siri, especially in this reading that is very close to the score, finds the right balance between the emphasis of acting and singing. For example in the famous monologue from Racine's Phaedra in the third act, reaching her zenith in the fourth, after having sung superlatively from her very entrance the decisive and famous “Umile ancella", with the soul-wrenching performance of  "Poveri Fiori". And finally with a finale, preceded by a shivering “Scostatevi profani! Melpomene son io ", almost evanescent in its dreamy sweetness, where the orchestral accompaniment - followed with a "sepulchral silence" by the absolutely captivated audience- reached heavenly peaks!" 
Andrea Merli, I teatri dell’Est 

Maria José Siri’s performance as Adriana Lecouvreur was utterly praiseworthy; with her inspired singing and thrilling interpretation she conquered the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. 
Stefano Durante Poccetti, Il Giornale OFF 

“Maria José Siri in the title role gives life to an authentic character, oscillating between the diva and the woman, but much more inclined towards the second; as a matter of act Adriana constantly wears and removes her mask, goes up and down the stage of the theatre to go up and down the stage of life, until the culminating moment of her sequence of events, when these two dimensions collide. In this contest the exaggerated primadonna mannerisms are eliminated; her Adriana captivates the audience in as much her acting is concentrated on the text and her feelings are expressed with a refined and constantly appropriate vocality. Her voice is steady, her timbre color is fascinating and her rich palette of nuances create a very pleasant kaleidoscope.  If she does not disappoint at all in the first three acts, in the fourth one she proves to be an even greater interpreter, managing to catch the most profound meaning of each act, translating it with great emphasis.” 
Simone Tomei, Il giornale della musica 

“Maria José Siri, who made her role debut as Adriana earlier this year, was the true pearl of the evening. Her first appearance was striking, particularly her “Io son l’umile ancella,” and she managed to maintain that wonderful level of excellence throughout the entire night.”  
“...with the grave and thunderous singing of the still-amazing Siri in Act four...” 
Polina Lyapustina, Operawire 

“Maria José Siti displays an imposing vocal volume and is perfectly at ease in the role” 
Roberta Manetti, Firenze post