I due Foscari, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, May 2022


“Verdi reserves for the female protagonist, Lucrezia, an equally rough texture that María José Siri has been able to deal with solid vocal consistency and admirable dramatic intensity.” 
La nazione 

"Very well also Maria José Siri, who creates an intense and vibrant Lucrezia with a resolute scenic attitude". 
Corriere Fiorentino 

“Maria José Siri, with her engraved passages and bright high notes, faced the role of the daughter-in-law and wife of Francesco and Jacopo, Lucrezia Contarini, with great bravado.” 
Giornale della musica 

“Appreciated protagonist of Adriana Lecouvreur by Francesco Cilea, inaugural opera of last Maggio Musicale, María José Siri confirmed the great Verdi voice in the role of Lucrezia Contarini.” 
Arte e Arti 

"María José Siri conceives Lucrezia Contarini as Abigaille’s niece, who can be justified both philologically and dramatically when it comes to two women of power (“Daughter of doges, I am to the Doge daughter-in-law”). From the recitative of her exit, she imposes herself for the breadth of her means, which does not prevent her from composing an angelic prayer with a presumed bearing and whose ecstatic line makes the audience happy; the middle time (“Clemency? ... scorn is added! ...”) is threatening and the cabalette is impetuous. The intercession duo, with the father-in-law, then reaches the incandescence, the soprano guides the companion in a wisely controlled escalation". 
Première Loge 

“Deservedly celebrated also the soprano María José Siri (daughter-in-law Lucrezia Contarini), very at ease in the dramatic roles.” 
Firenze Post 

“Maria Josè Siri is a Lucrezia Contarini now proud and belligerent in her defense of her husband Jacopo, now painful and dignified in her inexorable defeat. She is an excellent character, also on the vocal level: a good phrasing and a good volume of voice with a bright timbre, with which she enchanted the audience”. 

“The soprano María José Siri is also deservedly at ease in dramatic roles” 
The World News 

“Maria José Siri confirmed the excellent impression given with the 2020 Nabucco, implying that she is particularly well versed in the parts of the first Verdi that she resolves with skill and balance” 

“Maria José Siri is a convincing Lucrezia Contarini, with her intense expressiveness and excellent phrasing and fullness of her volume, she perfectly renders the pain and the sense of rebellion in the face of the injustice that condemns her husband” 
Belcanto e dintorni 

“He gives us a Lucrezia of great pathos”