Tosca, Teatro Verdi Trieste, March 2022


“Maria José Siri stands out in “Tosca...” 
In the vocal cast the performance of Maria José Siri stands out, a sumptuous lyric-spinto soprano that does not fear incandescent ascents to the top register, and her declamation is always appropriate and convincing. Her singing is supported by a secure technique allowing her to play with colors and illuminate the melody with priceless chiaroscuros, whereas her stage presence, which can rely on carefully detailed acting, restores the character of Tosca in her wholeness of acclaimed diva and woman in love.” 
Il Piccolo 

“The winner of the performance - which was preceded by a minute of silence as a sign of respect towards the war victims in Ukraine and a recollection of the most recent productions hosted by the Trieste theater which had Ukrainians opera companies as their protagonists - is Maria José Siri, who proves once more to be one of the leading interpreters of this repertoire. Siri displays a velvety and homogeneous timbre, with a warm low octave and a luminous top. Her phrasing is ample and it is in such pages as “Non la sospiri” that her gifts as an interpreter attentive to details can be appreciated. Being able to reply on an wide dynamic range, thanks to a secure technique, her Tosca appears profoundly human; she maintains perhaps the naivest and traits and the frailty of the diva, of which she becomes a victim herself: (…) she presents herself as the heir of a tradition of interpreters who saw Tosca mainly as the “servant” of that type of “singing” that the protagonist gave to the angels in the sky, and so nothing is conceded to the most exterior verismo effects, and even the terrible, exposed act III “lama”, that true leap in the dark that intimated voices by now legendary such as Magda Olivero and Renata Tebaldi more than the final one which concluded the story, was splendidly performed.” 
Connessi all’Opera 

“Maria José Siri interpreted an exquisite Tosca both vocally and scenically. Her voice is important and the soprano can rely on penetrating high notes - the high C of “la lama” was stunning - and at the same time she seemed at ease in the more subdued conversational singing (…) The complex character of Tosca was explored in all her nuances: temperament, pride, desperate determination and sweetness (…) a flawless vocal performance”. 

“At the premiere in Trieste the whole cast, in which the decidedly perfect Floria Tosca of Maria José Siri stood out, well identified with their characters. The Uruguayan soprano with Italian background, winner of the 2017 “Oscar della Lirica” after inaugurating the season of the Teatro alla Scala the year before, offered a desperate Tosca in love, intense in every nuance of her soul” 
Radio Punto Zero  

“Maria José Siri’s Tosca is fragile and at the same time powerful, sensual, determined; her voice flexibly supports the numerous nuances of her presence on stage…” 
Gli Amici della Musica 

“Excellent was the work done on the cast, starting with the splendid Tosca of Maria José Siri. The soprano interprets a convincing character from the very first moment she steps on stage, artistically diva and jealous woman, thanks to her acting rich with nuances and pathos. Equally variegated were her conversational singing and her ability to shape a quite generous instrument, which has become more and more refined over the years." 
MTG Lirica 

“the superlative vocal performances of the protagonists…” 
“With Tosca’s entrance the seduction scene gets even more explicit and the atmosphere becomes scorching, thanks also to the splendid, sensual interpretation of soprano Maria José Siri, gifted with a clear voice and wide agile range.” 
“Daza and Siri, each perfectly identifying with their roles, offered moments of sensuality, seduction and other gloomy feelings of ambiguous and demonic nature.” 
Instart web magazine