Aida, Arena di Verona 2021


“The success of the ensemble of singers on this night was carried by a dynamic duo of two magnificent female artists. The Uruguayan soprano Maria Josè Siri has already made herself quite a name, especially in Italy. This summer she could not only be seen as Aida but also alongside Placido Domingo in a Gala and in the horrendously difficult role of Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana. While for a Santuzza in the Arena a singer must have amazing power and a well-grounded voice, the part of Aida includes some tricky high notes and enormously difficult pianissimi. Ms. Siri was convincing with a fascinating versatility and a phenomenal vocal technique. In O patria mia she showed us a beautiful tenderness, without for second seeming to drown in the Arena’s huge dimensions. The maturity in her middle range, gained from roles like Santuzza, is an ideal addition to the more dramatic outbreaks in her scenes with Amneris or Amonasro."  
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“Maria José Siri is a secure Aida, able to manage the difficulties of the role with elegance and prowess, turning out to be a responsive and adequately nuanced interpreter.” 
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“ Maria José Siri is gifted with a finely tuned voice either in her soaring high notes and in caressing mezze voci, as well as with technical control, including the use of dynamics. But it is undeniable that the soprano has made huge progress in perfecting her vocal instrument and outlined an Aida rich with interpretative nuances.” 

“…it is important to highlight the outstanding performance of Maria José Siri, who proves once again to be a first-class interpreter of this role as well as an exceptional singer. A full-bodied, robust, bronze-hued, homogeneous voice, generous without indulging in histrionics, these are her ace in the hole, which make of Siri the top singer of this Arena festival. Her Aida was appassionate and at the same time fragile, aided by a refined and attractive stage presence, and she outlines a desperately in love Aida. Her  heart wrenching “O cieli azzurri” was highly intense; the audience greeted her with very warm and well deserved applause. 
MTG Lirica 

“María José Siri offered us a passionate Aida.  (…)  She sang her ‘o patria mia’ with generous feeling, (…) in the final duet, she floated some magical lines and had no issues being heard.”