Nabucco, Wiener Staatsoper, November 2021


“Maria José Siri made her [Vienna] debut as Abigaille. She is a soprano with gigantic gifts and enormous expressiveness, who also convinces in the lyrical passages. "  

"She is one of those sopranos who approach the dramatic coloratura role of the ambitious king's daughter with a large caliber instrument. She hits the top notes with aplomb... . But she is also moving with soulful piano phrases - and finally, when all the furor has subsided, the flute and cello sensitively accompany her on her last steps towards the afterlife."  
Die Presse  

“Singing Abigaille for the first time at the Vienna State Opera, Maria José Siri copes well with the part, which is often described as unsingable. This is not surprising given her predestination for great soprano roles of the Italian repertoire. Also as an actress, she succeeds to depict a woman who is possessed by power and sense of inferiority due to her status as a born slave. Her repentance in the face of death was touching.”  
Der Neue Merker  

"The character of Abigaille, considered a nearly unsingable role, was sung by María José Siri, ... prioritising tremendous legato and vibrant passion... . Siri was most impressive in her upper and mid-registers, but also showed impressive vocal control by flaunting her ability to sing messa di voce – and threading the needle in true spinto fashion to great effect."  

"In her big aria, she bravely delivers the white-hot recitative "Ben io t’invenni" with its incredible octave leaps conveying the hatred and devastating fury that animate her; however, we find the beautiful colors and the artist’s sensitivity in the following andante. So as to leave the mere exercise in valor, it is clever of her to bring variety to the following brutal cabaletta, by uttering the second strophe more in mezza voce than the first one performed in full voice.  
Maria José Siri shows here that her professionalism is based on solid technical foundations. At the very end, like a usurper fallen from her pedestal, she shows an extremely touching facet of her talent by delivering an incomparable moment of emotion." 
Toute La Culture